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5 Gorgeous 2023 Wedding Photography Trends

‘2023 wedding photography trends’

Ooo I am so excited to see what magic we’ll create together in 2023, beauts! There are already some yummy 2023 wedding photography trends emerging, and I’m so giddy about the 5 I’ve featured here; they’re all about embracing bubbly fun, warmth and that fizzy omg-we’re-getting-married feeling that I can’t wait to see all over your lovely faces. Without further ado, here are 5 things I think will make a strong and sexy appearance in the world of wedding photography this year, all of which I’m loving and some of which have been a part of the Charlotte Nelson way for ages already!  


Let’s get started by talking about fashion, something lots of my brides have a huge interest in. You’re always a stylish bunch, and in 2023 I’m expecting to see more and more colour making its way into your wedding looks. Even Vogue has colour pegged as a hot take this year, with the trend shining through in bridal couture. We’ll be seeing more coloured wedding gowns and bright embroidery, as well as sumptuous accessories like velvet bows in luscious, rich tones. Just saying, a velvet bow is the perfect accessory for a luxurious winter wedding, which I happen to love!


That’s right, you’re going to totally get papped on your wedding day! Next up on our 2023 wedding photography trends list is something I have a little obsession with, and that’s snapping away getting those candid shots like you’re a couple of film stars. The gorgeous thing about candids is that they stop time and give you the most intimate insight into how you were feeling at that moment, and when you add a layer of paparazzi glamour…it’s pure gold. You’ll find me using my flash in the evenings when the light is low, thrilled that this is trending because I absolutely love to shoot this way! Think Bieber’s wedding photos and you’re on the right lines…


Traditions are all well and good, but the days of guests turning up to a wedding and happily sitting at formal dinners for hours on end are getting left behind. Spending long periods of time seated is getting swapped out for indulging in vibrant cocktail hours (which don’t have to last only an hour, FYI) and getting to the party sooner. Guests get the chance to socialise, celebrate with you instead of looking at you across a room, and also show off their outfits! Add a touch of luxe glamour to your cocktail hour by creating a champagne tower; nothing says ‘best party ever’ like a cascade of bubbles for your guests to dive into.


Two- and three-day events are on the rise, and I’m getting more and more enquiries for this. In fact, it should be higher on my 2023 wedding photography trends list! Everybody loves a three-day weekend, and what better excuse to continue the party than a flippin’ wedding? Vogue has been all over this one too, with ideas for making the welcome party an extravaganza in itself – and why not? Couples are choosing to have everything from chic pool parties to delicious brunches, so don’t be afraid to go big on your welcome and post-wedding events too. Each day can be an experience in itself, and I’ll be there to snap my way through all of them!


I was hesitant to put this one on the list, not because I don’t think it’s going to be huge in 2023 but because, to me, this is no trend! I’ve always loved a blurry edit, especially in Old Hollywood black and white. It creates a dynamic, authentic image and captures feelings as though they are still in motion. Anyone who has worked with me before will know I’ve been doing these for a long time, and I’ll still be doing them long after 2023 and its trends have been left in the dust!

Hopefully you’re feeling just as excited about 2023’s wedding whims as I am, and you’re ready to get trendy this year. I’m ready and waiting with my magic-moment-seeking eye and my trusty lens, and I can’t wait to capture you in all your loveliness. Come and follow me on Pinterest for more delicious inspo and gorgeous real weddings!

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