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Editorial Wedding Photography – Your Wedding Is Not A Photoshoot

Editorial wedding photography has style and storytelling at its essence, and the phrase is often associated with high fashion photoshoots and curated looks. This might feel off-putting when it comes to having your wedding day captured, particularly if you’re not naturally confident in front of the camera and can’t stand the idea of posing and preening throughout the day. What if I told you that it’s possible to achieve those timelessly glamorous editorial photos without any of the awkwardness and interruption to the flow of your day? Your wedding is not a photoshoot, and this is why…

I wholeheartedly believe that your wedding day is all about connection and celebration, and the truest and most authentic way to capture that is if the two of you remain present as much as possible. The most amazing photos come from honest emotion and pure moments. My editorial wedding photography approach is not about taking you away from your guests for hours at a time, setting up elaborate backdrops and poses to get ‘the shot’. This is one of the reasons my couples often tell me they feel so comfortable in front of my camera, because there are no forced photography ‘sessions’.

Instead, I advocate for you taking small moments together as the day unfolds. These can happen at natural times throughout the flow of your wedding, and serve the beautiful dual purpose of allowing you to recentre and reconnect in the midst of all the fun. Choosing a photographer you really trust to tell your story, feeling like you have a friend and supporter at your wedding, can really make the difference in how you feel about the photography throughout the celebrations. Having your own personal cheerleader there feels so much less intrusive than a photographer demanding you rigidly pose at inconvenient times – there’s no better way to induce awkwardness!

One of my top tips for getting incredible editorial wedding photography that makes you feel like a movie star is to make a pact to stay by each other’s side as much as possible. Not only does this help the two of you create lasting core memories, it’s also an opportunity for your photographer and videographer to capture those all-important candid moments. The real beauty is in these small, honest interactions and the casual intimacy between you. 

Every photographer has a different style and way of working, so it’s important to ask the right questions to nail the vibe of your wedding day. The right vibe unlocks the right feeling, and if you feel your best you’ll also look your best in your photos! There’s a perfect photographer for every couple no matter what you’re looking for, but if this resonated with you then we could be a match made in heaven. 
What I can promise you is editorial wedding photography that doesn’t feel like a photoshoot, and all the time you could want to be present in the moment and not miss a beat of what’s happening during the day. It’s artistry that embraces your story, warm-hearted stylish allure and curated frames that feel comfortable and luxurious. Read more about the Charlotte Nelson experience, and if you’re ready to come and say hi you can contact me here!

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